I think that the dragons in Skyrim Are EPIC! My Favorite Dragons are Alduin, Poarthurnaax, and the ancient and reverend/legendary dragons. One thing I dont get is that You dont see any legendary dragons until your a level 80 but I fought a Reverend Dragon at level 18! See Dragons are totally my thing I love dragons there is a special place in my life dedicated to dragons! I like Poarthurnaax because he was the first Dragon to teach any Human the Thu’um, or the power of the Voice.I love the look of Dragons in Skyrim, If only they put some sort of Irradiated Dragon as like a boss In Fallout NV or 3!

Dragon Scale and Plate Smithing…

At last I finally have 100 smithing and the dragonscale and plate smithing, and I went through A LOT of dragons to get everything I have. The plate armor, gauntlets, boots, helmet, dragonscale armor, gauntlets, boots, and helmet. Also the Dragon Bone sword, daggers, war hammer, war axe, along with the dragon plate and scale shields. And also I made my one handed legendary and its about at 73 now so yeah thats about it.

Skyrim Skills…

Ok so I learned that getting a legendary edition of Skyrim is very rare and thought for a second how lucky I Am to have the legendary edition. If you get the legendary edition you get the ability to make your skills legendary if you get them to 100 and the only one that I have at 100 is my one handed which I will NEVER do because then my Ebony dagger with 36 damage will go down to having like 24 damage. The only other skills that I have that are near 100 are Smithing, light armor, heavy armor, and enchanting and the only one out of those I would make legendary is my Enchanting! I Will NOT make my Light or Heavy armor legendary, or my smithing (Because of dragon scale smithing), so really its going to be a while Until something in my skills become legendary.

My Follower in Skyrim…

I prefer to have Faendal or Sven with me because they are really easy to get and I think that Faendal is a nice guy but that Sven is just a showoff. But if I forget to get one of them I go with Lydia or Vladimore or however the name is spelled. I have only found two dog Followers and they’re both Death Hounds and I don’t like turning around and accidentally slashing at a Death hound thats RIGHT behind me, oh and I also like Serana as a follower. And I found a follower in Raven Rock His name is Ralis and he’s a Dark elf you have to do his missions to get him as a Follower, and those are my favorite followers!


About a week and a half ago I beat the Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim and I got to say it was worth it! I got Some Bonemold armor and Some Chitin armor and also got Miraak’s outfit along with his sword and staff. I got a new house in Ravenrock and a sleeveless theif guild outfit. The only way to sum up Dragonborn is Fun, action-packed and it keeps you on the edge of your seat! If any of you ever get the DLC be sure to tell me what it was like for you in the comments! 🙂

Check This Out

If you like the Skyrim Theme song “Dovahkiin” look up http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UW7EnixZVNI for “Dovahkiin Metal Cover”!!!


Yesterday I finished the Dawnguard DLC for Skyrim. I decided to become a vampire because of the Vampire Lord form and the missions. When I went into Soul Cairn I was like “Whoa this is totally awesome!” (Soul Cairn is one the last missions for the Vampire Dawnguard). I have Vampire lord armor because I had to kill Serena’s Father and its totally awesome. I have a unique Bow and its also awesome. And also I’m now almost a level 32! I love Skyrim!!!


Two weeks ago I got Skyrim… the best game ever! We got a brand new Skyrim:Ledendary edition for 60$! I made my character a Nord because I wanted to fit in well but there were many choices like The Argonian,The Khajiit, And an Orc! Since the day I got skyrim to today I am a level 29 and one forth. And at like level 18 I destroyed Alduin in the first battle but havn’t gone to the next because I wanted to level up before I do! But yeah Skyrim Is AWESOME!!!

New in Town…

This is the New Skyrim Blog\Check out my other blog if your a Fallout fan!

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