October, 2013

The Storyline…

(Spoiler Alert) Ok what I realized is that when you fight Alduin In Sovangarde that’s supposed to be the “End” of the game. I beat the fight with Alduin at like Level 30 and finshed the Fight for Skyrim at like Level 50. I did the main part first and the Secondary part after that. I like the fight with Alduin, but what I don’t get is that he turns into a big “Thing”. The head looks like a horse head with a Dragon body that has gold lighting around it. WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY?


I found an easy way to cheat a way of leveling up. All you need to do is have the spell “Telekinesis” and put on any type of armor or clothing that brings up Magika or Magika Regeneration and throw stuff around with telekinesis. It will take up your alteration and its really easy to do I leveled Up 4 times doing that and from 15 my alteration is now 54. Also I’m a level 57 (WEAK) so that tells you how much that helps.

Stalhrim Smithing!

Finally after a lot of wondering why I don’t have it I do have it… STALHRIM SMITHING!!! To get this you need to Have Ebony smithing and you need to ask a certain guy in the Skaal village (Oh yeah, stalhrim is part of the DragonBorn DLC) and you’ll get the mission “A New Source Of Stalhrim” and basically you have to find a guy that has been taken hostage by Thalmor, Free him, Fight some more Thalmor, and then learn the place to find a TON of Stalhrim. The guys you save describes Stalhrim As Harder than Iron And Colder Than Death. Stalhrim is actually Enchanted Nord Ice that was used to Bury the ancient Nord dead. The only way to mine it is with an Ancient Nord Pickaxe which you can buy off the guy you save. Yeah all you need to do is have Ebony smithing and do the Mission “A New Source Of Stalhrim” and the guy you save teaches you to forge Stalhrim!